Mini sculptures (Uzhgorod city)

Mini sculptures (Uzhgorod city)

Uzhgorod city

No sight-seeing in Uzhgorod can do without mini-sculptures that fit harmoniously into the landscape of the city, and tell us about the history, traditions and peculiarities of the region.

The preferred place to start a tour in Uzhgorod is T​eatralna Square or ​​S. Petefi Square.

The initiator of the establishment of mini-sculptures in Uzhgorod, Mykhailo Kolodko says that these bronze monuments are a kind of mini-portraits of interesting, decent historical figures, characters or mythical heroes that in one way or another had or have an impact on our region .

According to the author, one of the goals, that he and a group of like-minded people pursue, is to return to Uzhgorod its identity, part of its history, to make it more beautiful and interesting city than it is now.

Mini-sculpture of Mikolajczyk

This mini-sculpture is the first one of these works, and symbolizes Santa's helper. The opening of the mini-sculpture took place on December 19, 2010, during the celebration of St. Nicholas day in Uzhgorod.

They say that if you rub the nose of the Mikolajczyk mini-sculpture and make a wish, it will come true. You just have to believe in it.

Mini Statue of Liberty sculpture in Uzhgorod (Svobodka)

The smallest Statue of Liberty in the world was installed in the regional center of Transcarpathia on July 20, 2011. The original sculpture was made by sculptor Mykhailo Kolodko. The sculpture was installed on the parapet of the pedestrian bridge, the crossing to Slavyanska embankment.Its height is 30 cm, the weight is 4 kg.

The sculptural woman symbolizes the love of Transcarpathians for everything unique and original, and is the smallest sculpture of the Statue of Liberty in the world.

On every holiday, Svobodka changes its clothes, and locals call her the main "fashionista" of the region.

Mini-sculpture of Franz Liszt

Mini-sculpture in honor of the Hungarian composer Franz Liszt, who began his artistic career in Transcarpathia.

The mini-sculpture is made of bronze, its height is 20 cm, it was mounted on the rails of the Uzh river embankment, in the park near the Transcarpathian Regional Philharmonic on May 7, 2012.

Mini-sculpture of the ship "Carpathia"

Located on the railing of the Uzh river, Teatralna Sq., next to the statue of Mikolajczyk. This is a prototype of the real ship "Carpathia", which was built in 1903 (the Cunard Line company). This ship was the first to come to rescue and saved some passengers of "Titanic."

Mini-sculpture of Schweik, the Soldier

It should be noted that the mini-sculpture of Schweik is situated on the historic fragment of the railing, on Kyivska embankment. It is the place where the relics of the World War II - bullet holes - have remained. Interestingly, the miniature soldier Schweik holds not weapons, but a knedlik, a traditional Czech pastry dish. 

Schweok looks somewhere in the direction of the Carpathians or salutes. The famous slogan that symbolizes Schweik says "Schweik is a soldier that brings peace."

Mini-sculpture of Croton's knot

An original and interesting mini-sculpture, it is a knot tied on the railing of Kyivska embankment along the Uzh river. The sculpture symbolizes the famous strongman of Transcarpathian descent Ivan Firtsak-Croton. He is also a character of the favorite children's book by Oleksandr Havrosh - Ivan Strong.

Mini-sculptures of hedgehogs

Sculptural hedgehogs, a symbol of the Czech town of Jihlava (Vysocina region, Czech Republic), which is a sister city of Uzhgorod, were opened on the occasion of the "Week of Czech culture in the city of Uzhgorod" on May 2013.

They are located at the end of the iron fence of Kyivska embankment (near the school number 5). This composition is a collaboration between the blacksmith Vasyl Kryvanych and sculptor Mykhailo Kolodko (the author of the idea).

Mini-sculpture, monument to the artist Hlyuk

The sculptural composition dedicated to the outstanding Transcarpathian artist Havrylo Hlyuk was opened in November 2012, to mark the centenary of the artist. The sculpture is a miniature image of the artist, driving a car "Willis" in the Carpathians, with a sketch of the famous painting "Loggers", which brought the artist international acclaim at the World Art Exhibition in Brussels.


The collection recreated famous historical figures, creatures, fairy characters and so on:

  1. The famous illusionist Harry Houdini,
  2. Guests from the neighboring Czech Republic - Yihlavski hedgehogs.
  3. Good Soldier Schweik.
  4. Symbol Transcarpathian power - unit Crotone
  5. Proud and victorious Statue of Liberty.
  6. Rubik's Cube.
  7. The prominent Hungarian pianist Franz Liszt.
  8. Honorable St. Mikolajczyk.
  9. Proud "ship" Carpathia. "
  10. Keyboardist of the band Deep Purple Jon Lord.
  11. Composer dreamer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
  12. Little Eiffel Tower.
  13. Sculptural small fish Oh.
  14. Lemko family of immigrants from Andy Warhol.
  15. Soldier Rusyn Michael Strank.
  16. Artist Gluck.
  17. Opryshok Nicholas slush.
  18. Hungarian composer Bela Bartok.
  19. Geographer and traveler, who left the first written mention of Uzhgorod -Muhammed al-Idrisi.
  20. Monument sport orienteering.
  21. Sculpture Transcarpathian love - Hungarian Countess Christina Chucky and Prince Ferenc Rakoczy.
  22. Monument Winemaker.
  23. The legendary Prince Laborets.
  24. Monument bunch of grapes.