The Museum of Folk Architecture and Life (Uzhhorod)
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The Museum of Folk Architecture and Life (Uzhhorod)

33/a Kapitulna Street, Uzhhorod

The Museum of Folk Architecture and Life — is an open-air museum in Uzhhorod (Ukraine), which consists of architectural monuments from ancient Transcarpathian villages as well as items of the oldest and most widely spread types of folk arts

It was opened for visitors in June 1970 and covers an area of 5.5 hectares and is located near the territory of the Uzhhorod castle.  The museum presents structures from different parts of the region. In the open-air museum are exhibited 7 homesteads, 6 residential buildings, a church, a bell tower, a school, a smithy, a mill, a tavern and more than 14,000 other pieces of folk history& nbsp;

The museum houses many unique pieces dating to different periods, but an exceptional piece is the church of Archangel Michael from the village Shelestovo which is situated in Mukachevo district of Transcarpathian region. It was created in 1777. It is recognized as the most outstanding example of folk architecture of Transcarpathia. It was moved into the museum in 1974. Its iconostasis combines Hip style with Baroque. Its height is around 22 m.

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