Footbridge - the card of Uzhgorod
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Footbridge - the card of Uzhgorod

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Footbridge in Uzhgorod - is the most popular place for residents and visitors alike. This bridge connects the two embankments - Student and independence, which is Europe`s longest lime avenue . The bridge is a symbol of love and fulfillment of desires. There is a belief that going over this bridge for the first time of the "new" city "old", it is necessary to make a wish, and it will surely come. Lovers hang on the railing pedestrian bridge locks with names as a sign of loyalty and strength of their relationship, and the keys thrown into the river flowing under the bridge Oh. The bridge has a history that began in the late 19th century. Then for the first time over the river was built a wooden bridge. This building stood not long. Rapid River water soon turned it into splinters. After some time, in its place there was a steel structure, on which even the passing trucks. And after the war at this point it was decided to build a stone bridge, which can be seen now.


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