The Serednie Castle
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The Serednie Castle

The Serednie Castle was built in the twelfth century by the Military Order of the Knights Templars. In 1312, the Order of the Knights Templars, because of their wealth, became the victim of the greed of some kings, and its members were accused of having links with "evil spirits". Many of them were arrested, their property was stolen and the Order itself was liquidated.
After these events the Serednie Castle was passed to the ownership of the monks of the Order of St.Paul. But soon, the new King of Hungary Charles Robert passes these dominions to the ownership of his allies – the Drugeths, the Doges and the Debrecenies. Then there was a century fight for the castle between the Drugeths and the feudalists Palochy. Later the castle was transmitted to the possession of the noble family Dobo which restored and strengthened the castle.

During the ХVІІ - ХVІІІ centuries the Serednie Castle repeatedly changes its owners because of the endless Austro-Turkish and Austro-Hungarian wars. In these wars, the castle gradually declines and no repair works are carried out.

The Serednie Castle consisted of only one powerful quadrangular stone tower-dungeon (18,6h16,5m) which was the prototype of the Roman frontier guard towers on the Rhine and Danube. The height of the tower reached 20 m and the wall-thickness reached 2.6 m. The entrance to the tower-dungeon was placed on the second tier of the middle eastern wall for security reasons. Wooden stairs, that could be easily burnt in case of danger, led to it from the street. The castle was equipped with all necessary for defense – three tiers, premises with thick stone walls which served as storerooms and prison, a well and had two defensive lines.


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