Theatre Square of Uzhgorod city
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Theatre Square of Uzhgorod city

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Theatre Square is located in the city of Uzhgorod and she was about 120 years. Once there was a vacant lot that is constantly flooded by the waters of the river Uh. 
History of Theater Square 
Everything changed when on the river Uh began building the hotel "Crown" and the theater. In 1911, the "Crown" were first made movies. In those days the area was called "new area". Its current name is in honor of opening the theater, which took place in 1920 premiere "Nedorosl." Once there was a nice big fountain, but it is dismantled 60-70 in the last century. What was the reason this decision, no one can say for sure. In an area of ​​the fountain was erected Hall of Fame, her photos were honorary citizens. 
Attractions Theater Square 
Now you can see a large area of ​​the stage, where the various events, celebrations and concerts. Here you will see the monument Roshkovich . On the other side Oh is musical and dramatic theater , can accommodate 815 people. At puppet theater is the former building of one of Europe`s largest Orthodox synagogues , built here in 1904. Here you can see one of the best bodies in Ukraine with three keyboards and 2250 pipes. The building now houses the synagogue Philharmonic. Very close is one of the first children`s railway length of 1.5 km and a local park named Eugene Fentsyk. He was a local poet and playwright. Also nearby are pedestrian bridge that the war was transport. Hotel "Crown" is still, and next to it Transcarpathian Institute. Voloshin. Earlier in this building was the "Palace of Bath", built by King BATE local shoe. 


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