The Yosyp Bokshai - art museum, (Uzhhorod)
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The Yosyp Bokshai - art museum, (Uzhhorod)

Uzhgorod city from 10 to 19 hours

Art Museum. I. Bokshay - this is probably the only place in the Carpathian region, where you can see pictures of brilliant artists of world size. The walls are decorated with works of masters of the European Renaissance, classicism and realism. Next to the works of J. Palma coexist paintings Shevchenko, Ivan Shishkin and Ivan Aivazovsky. Currently a picture museum fund totals more than 5,000 different items. The basis of such a rich exhibition in 1945 was a unique collection of Zemsky gallery. In the first half of the 20th century, an extensive collection of paintings Art Museum huddled in a few little rooms Uzhgorod castle . Time passed. Gradually the archive is filled with exhibits from private collections and museums destroyed by the war. So in the wall of this Museum. Bokshay got pictures from the archival holdings of Moscow, Odessa, Kiev, Lviv. In 1948, close premises of the castle already struggling to fit the bulk storage of works of art. Fortunately, in 1979 all the museum moved into the historic center of Uzhgorod. Galleries occupy all the halls of the Hungarian estate - an architectural monument of the early 19th century. Huge rooms, classic style interior - like all created to showcase the paintings. Today, every visitor can enjoy the unique paintings presented in the museum. Doors open Uzhgorod Louvre from 10 to 19 hours. Lovers of fine art will appreciate the true rare collection not only painting, but also drawings and sculptures.


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