Pokrovska Church (Kostryno village)
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Pokrovska Church (Kostryno village)

Kostryno village

The Pokrovska Church in Kostryna was built in the village of Syanky in the seventeenth century (1645), but later, in 1761, the religious community of Kostryna bought it from Syanky and had it transported to Kostryna. There were a couple of reconstructions made in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries but it is not known how extensive the changes were. Anyway, Pokrovska Church in Kostryna has a distinctive architectural appearance which makes it easily recognizable among all other churches in Zakarpattya.
Early in the twentieth century, the local Christian community decided they wanted a stone church and the money was collected for the construction of a new church at the site of the old wooden Pokrovska Church. But war — First World War — broke out and the construction of a new church was suspended and then altogether abandoned. It was an extremely rare, if not unique, case when war saved a church from destruction.


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