The Church of St Mykola (Chornoholova village)
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The Church of St Mykola (Chornoholova village)

Chornoholova village

The Church of St Mykola was built in the seventeenth century. In 1794 it was partly rebuilt and the church acquired some new decorative features. Visually, the church is in full harmony with the surroundings, revealing its various aspects as you walk around it. Depending on where you stand and from which angle you look at the church, its horizontal and vertical lines alternately gain prominence. The tall smereky (Carpathian conifers) which stand close to the bell tower provide their own romantic touch.
The dome is of an elaborate shape; the church is provided with a roofed porch and gallery. The interior of the church boasts the iconostasis which dates from the eighteenth century, but the icons it displays are of much later times. There are some features in the interior — the ancient small window in the chancel wall, for example, which reveal their ancient origins.


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