The church of St Anna (Bukovtsovo village)
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The church of St Anna (Bukovtsovo village)

Bukovtsovo village

The church is dedicated to St Anna — incidentally, there are very few St Anna’s in Ukraine. The church was built in the seventeenth century in the typical Zakarpattya style. In 1791 it was reconstructed and we know the name of the architect who supervised the reconstruction — Hryhory Makarovych. It was the roof that was subjected to particularly extensive changes. The door of the portal probably dates to the time of the reconstruction — it is massive, with heavy iron hinges and latches.
The bells on the bell tower are much younger than the church. The inscription on one of the bells reads, “Mikhail [from] Bukovtsovo 1924. Cast by Rihard Herold in Khomutov.” The other bell was cast in Hungary in 1924.
There are many spots and angles from which you can look at this church to appreciate its beauty, but I think the best picture can be taken with the church in the foreground and the green and wooded hills in the background.


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