Meteorite “Knjahinya” (Knjahinya village)
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Meteorite “Knjahinya” (Knjahinya village)

Knjahinya village

June 9, 1866 at 17.00 in the village Knjahinya of Velyky area Transcarpathian region has fallen meteorite (LL5 stone chondrules normal), called “Knjahinya”. This meteorite has not reached the Earth crumbled into small pieces in a large area. After the fall were collected about thousands of parts with a total weight of about 500 kg, which went to many, mainly foreign museums. The largest piece weighing 279 kg found in the natural Black Mlake, to which is now titled ecological route is laid. The main part now is kept at the Vienna Museum of Natural History (Natural History Museum in Vienna).


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