Zolota rybka, art homestead (Chynadiyevo urban village)
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Zolota rybka, art homestead (Chynadiyevo urban village)

tell: +38 (050) 225-13-90

tell: +38 + 43 (660) 551-03-03 (Austria)

web site: rybka.at.ua

adress: 272, Sanatorna St., Chynadiyevo urban village

Location: art homestead "Zolota rybka" situated in the Chynadiyevo urban village.

Homestead: two apartment with 2 rooms on 3 people in a separate house.

Food: in a house is equipped with kitchen, dining room and bathroom. Near situated coffee bar with traditional cuisine. You can also visit the restaurant on the territory TK "Vodogray."

Services: sauna, massage, hydromassage shower Alekseeva (similar soul Charcot), wines tasting room.

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