Palace Pereni (Vynohradiv city)
Vynohradiv district Castle

Palace Pereni (Vynohradiv city)

Gandery st., Vynohradiv city

A two-storey palace under the quaint shingled roof is one of the oldest examples of palace architecture of Transcarpathia. Built in the XVI century. Baron P. Pereni, was originally a single-storey and served a defensive function. After the reconstruction of a residential residence was built on the second floor, there was a baroque gable with the coat of arms kind Pereni. Initial planning is mainly preserved. On the ground floor is commercial space and the entrance to the extensive cellars. On the first floor living rooms. Frescoes of the XVIII century. on the walls of the central hall. The palace is surrounded by a large park, close by are the economic wings. Pereni barons lived here until 1944. In Soviet times, the building housed the district department of education. B recent years, carried out the restoration, plans to open a museum.


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