Castle ruins Nyalab (Korolevo village)
Vynohradiv district Castle

Castle ruins Nyalab (Korolevo village)

Korolevo village

Ruins are located in the village of Korolevo almost on the edge. Nyalab Castle was built in the 13th century. Initially it was a hunting lodge, and later - the summer residence of the kings of Hungary. In 1378 the castle was presented to the Romanian voivode Drage Military Merit. In 1405 it became a possession of the dynasty Pereni. It lasted until 1672, until Leopold I not ordered to obliterate the castle. The reason for this was followed by the involvement of a member of the genus Pereni in the Habsburg conspiracy. Since then the remains of the building are gradually destroyed, at the moment of it just reminds the remains of the walls. The castle is a historical and cultural monument. Is no longer possible to restore the original appearance of the structure, but by climbing to the top of the hill and touching the centuries-old walls, you can feel the spirit of the history of this place. The most beautiful remains of the castle Nyalab at sunset, when one side bright colors of the sunset reflected in the Tisza, and on the other - only lit the first lights of the village queen.


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