Art gallery (Pyyterfolvo village)
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Art gallery (Pyyterfolvo village)

91, Rakoci St., Pyyterfolvo village from 11.00 to 19.00

The main attraction of the village with an unusual name Pyyterfolvo was the art gallery, in the assembly which nalichuyutsya of famous artists of Transcarpathia. The collection of paintings housed in an old 19th-century building. 
History Picture Gallery 
The building, which today posted gallery, built in 1864. Previously, it was the summer residence Dyertya Endre, Hungarian Minister of Agriculture. In 1986, building restoration was conducted and hosted the exhibition gallery. 
The exhibition gallery 
Today the collection numbers collected 170 paintings, executed in various media: watercolor; graphics; butter; acrylic and other techniques. It kept work and contemporary artists, including: "Grandmother" Gabriel Gluck; "Bank Holiday" Andrew Kotska; Portrait of Clara Balog; "Old Pass" Theodore Manailo; "Uzhgorod castle" Joseph Bokshy. Particular attention should be pictures of people`s artist of USSR AM Kashshay. Collection Art Gallery in Pyyterfolvo ongoing work of artists of Ukraine.


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