Botanical reserve Chorna Hora (Vynohradiv city)
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Botanical reserve Chorna Hora (Vynohradiv city)

Vynohradiv city

It is located in the Volcanic Carpathians, with the area of 747 ha, in one of the most interesting from the floristic and phytocoenotic point of view summit of the Hutynskiy range - Chorna Hora /Black Mountain/ (508 m.a.s.l). The preserve is located in a warm climatic zone. According to the data of Berehove meteostation (113 m.a.s.l.), the average annual temperature here is 9.9. degrees, the average temperature in January is 3 degrees below zero, in June - 21.1 degrees above zero. The annual amount of precipitation is 780 mm.

The geological basis is formed by andesites, liparites, tuffs, forming in some places steep rocks. The brown forest soils of various capacity were formed in these volcanic rocks.

The plant cover is well-preserved in the rocky slopes of the upper part of the mountain. The formations of oak and beech forests prevail here. The beech forests are spread mainly on the northern megaslope. The oak forests are formed by durmast oak (Quercus petraea), occasionally by Quercus polycarpa and Quercus dalachampii. Such species as Sorbus torminalis and Tilia argentea are isolately found in these coenosis. The communities of flowering ash (Fraxinus ornus) are preserved in the outlets of andesite rocks. The following heat-loving species:Ligustrum vulgare, Eyonimus europaea, Crataegus monogyna, Cornus mas, Vitis sylvestris grow in the layer of bushes.

From the floristic point of view, a special interest represent the localities of steppificated and rocky phytocenoses, on the steep southern slopes. Such rare for the Ukrainian Carpathians species as Cerasus fruticosa, Rhamnus catarctica, Staphilea pinnata, Citius austriacus and others grow here. In the whole, there are nearly 400 high vascular plant species growing in the territory of this preserve.

Fauna of “Chorna Hora” is characterized by the specific heat-loving species, in particular evertebrates.



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