Vinogradovsky District Historical Museum
Vynohradiv district Museum

Vinogradovsky District Historical Museum

4, T. Shevchenko St., Vynohradiv city 9:00–18:00; lunch time 13:00-14:00; closed on Saturday and Sunday.

After the castle Kanka and Franciscan monastery Vinogradovsky District Historical Museum is considered the most popular attraction in the city. Museum exhibition material hardly fits in 8 spacious rooms. Each of them shows a certain milestone stories Vinogradov and Transcarpathia. By studying the exhibits of the museum, you can find really interesting artifacts. For example, the findings of the excavations in the Queen - the most ancient European primitive people. Or bronze objects 2 thousand. BC. e., which occupy a place of honor in the museum. Rarely a museum in Ukraine boasts a collection of folk weaving and crafts as Vinogradovsky Historical Museum. More than 2 million of embroidered towels, clothing, home textiles surprise every visitor. It is interesting that most of the textile products made hands Hungarian and Romanian housewives in the 18-19 centuries.


Vynohradiv district

Museum Vynohradiv district